The Jakubus Resort is not only a hotel with a conference room but also a horse riding centre with recreational and sport facilities. A varied terrain covering 99 acres provides a setting for an integration event in any chosen style.

Exemplary thematic events

Dinner by the fire

Your dinner may be set by a bonfire or a barbecue on the patio of the Summer Hotel or – if you are looking for closer contact with nature – in the Club House by the ponds. Out team may arrange additional attractions according to your wishes – it may include a cooking presentation and training in preparing the latest barbecue dishes or other cooking trainings. A goodly feast or maybe shanty– the possibilities are endless!

NEW – special offer - !!!!!! - Beer presentation and tasting

If so far you have thought that beer is only a cold drink served during mass events, it’s time to change it. Specialist in the field will share beer brewing methods and secrets of the trade, and talk about more and less subtle taste differences. It is definitely worth trying! We offer the following theme events:

  • “Exploring the world of beer” – a beer taster course in a nutshell during which participants learn about ingredients and a brewing process, variety of beer styles and professional tasting techniques. This 120 minute long course will allow you to redefine the world of beer,
  • „The Secrets of homemade beer” – homemade beer brewing has recently become a popular hobby. This 360 minute course reveals closely-guarded secrets of beer breweries. Every course participant receives a certificate and award-winning homemade beer brewing recipes,
  • “Food and beer – a match made in heaven” – the trend of foodpairing, which provides endless possibilities for cooking experiments, has recently become very popular. Combining flavours, ingredients and drinks has become a culinary trend followed not only by professional chefs but most of all by people passionate about good food. A combination of wine and cheese or dried fruit no longer surprises anyone. And even though beer has accompanied food for hundreds of years, we are still trying to find interesting food pairs for beer. During the course participants prepare dishes under guidance of a professional chef and taste beer from all over the world,

Horse riding events at Jakubus

The Resort comprises a horse riding centre with recreational and sport facilities. Our guests may enjoy horse riding competitions or try this wonderful sport and lifestyle at the same time. If you do not feel confident about your horse riding skills, we may offer professional training, off-road and carriage rides in summer and sleigh rides in winter. It is a great way to relax and see nearby and more distant areas.

Events by the pond

Over 42 acres of pond area and abundance of great quality fish growing in natural, almost wild conditions, provide more opportunities to spend time in an interesting way. For guests who enjoy quiet time complemented by a delicious feast – fishing, and for the ones who are looking for active entertainment – water sports and necessary equipment: canoes, boats, catamarans, sailing-boats and windsurfing boards. Funs of water sports may use help of an instructor and fishing beginners – guidance of an experienced angler.

Active entertainment

Vast area of terrains located close to hiking trails is great for hiking and bike riding. We may provide help of any sport instructor: Nordic walking, morning aerobics in fresh air, tai-chi or maybe dancing classes?


Great entertainment for big groups of guests. Are you looking for great fun and ways to relieve stress and reduce tension? An active day spent playing paintball can do it all. It is a combination of seek and hide, man hunting and strategic games. It’s all about aiming at the target, creativity, being fast but most of all tones of great fun!

Quad bikes

A perfect way to find an outlet for your energy. Hilly terrain of the Widawa Valley is a perfect place for safe quad bike riding.