Horse Riding

Horses are our identification sign. Our love for horses has motivated us to create a centre where guests can train and prepare for regional, state and in the near future, also for international competitions.

Our centre comprises two sport horse riding facilities with indoors riding school and a professional horse competition ring including an obstacle course which may be used to hold state and international competitions.

The recreational facilities are located right behind the main gate, in a historical renovated building. A professional horse competition ring, where classes usually take place is located next to the barn. Participants of horse riding classes at Jakubus have a chance to be promoted and admitted to a sport team. We encourage all funs of horse riding to visit our horse riding centre and become its member. In order to do that, please contact our horse riding instructor. Guests visiting the centre who are looking for more attractions apart from cheering the sportsmen, may enjoy a great offer of horse attractions and events:

  • horse riding classes,
  • off-road horse riding including sightseeing, endurance horse riding and horse-bike rides,
  • carriage and wagon rides, horse sleighs rides in winter,
  • horse presentations.

The centre accommodates the seat of the Osadkowski Horse Riding Club. Its leading contestant is Piotr Morsztyn – two-time winner of state competitions and this year’s (2012) vice-champion in state equestrian competitions. Another contestant of the club, Agnieszka Olszewska, is also celebrating her first successes, inter alia, the 1st prize in prestigious competitions of the Opolszczyzna province called Karolinka and the 1st prize in the Osadkowski Horse Riding Club in Opolskie voivodeship. Teenage members of the Club train under guidance of specialist. Anyone can join them.